Smart Short™ | Short electrostimulant gainant - Z-Neck™
Smart Short™ | Short electrostimulant gainant - Z-Neck™
Smart Short™ | Short electrostimulant gainant - Z-Neck™
Smart Short™ | Short electrostimulant gainant - Z-Neck™
Smart Short™ | Short electrostimulant gainant - Z-Neck™
Smart Short™ | Short electrostimulant gainant - Z-Neck™
Smart Short™ | Short electrostimulant gainant - Z-Neck™

Smart Short™ | Shaperwear electro-stimulating shorts

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  • Tones your muscles faster
  • Eradicates orange peel skin
  • Burns fat very actively
  • Forget cosmetic surgery!


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The Z-Fit™ range is the first to bring you smart shorts, with built-in muscle stimulation technology. designed to stimulate and train your glutes and hamstrings up to 8 times faster than during a classic session thanks to electrostimulation.

Optimize your results quickly and efficiently!

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The butt of your dreams

In just 20 minutes

The first electro-stimulating shorts that give you the butt you deserve!


Are you tired of being the girlfriend who doesn't have a butt? Or to chain squats without any results?

Do you have that ultra-seductive new outfit waiting for you in the closet that would suit you perfectly with a more shapely gluteus?

Today it's your turn to shine! Put on your Smart Short™ and go for 20 minutes of deep electrostimulation for fast and lasting results.


It has been clinically proven that electrostimulation is the perfect complement to your sports sessions. This allows you to solicit your muscle fibers at 100% against 35% in the traditional way.


"The more it burns, the more it works!"

Put on your shorts and get the highest possible results by engaging 100% of your muscle fibers during your sports sessions.

Now the Smart Short™ takes care of absolutely everything. Reach your goals quickly and sculpt the firm, shapely butt you deserve.

+ 4,700 USERS

You too can enjoy the same long-lasting results

We asked, you answered!

20 minutes = 2 hours

Your time is precious. 20 minutes of use during your sports session equivalent to 2 hours of intense exercise.

Beginner athlete, seasoned athlete, busy mom or student, see the first physical changes in just 3 weeks.

Tailored to your needs

Don't like sports? Don't have the time or the motivation? It's perfect !

The Smart Short is very discreet. Stimulate your buttocks at any time by putting it on under your clothes.

Let your imagination run free and sculpt the body of your dreams at your own pace and according to your desires!

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Commandez votre Smart Short™ aujourd'hui et obtenez votre programme fitness et diététique sous forme de E-Book offert !

Vous souhaitez des resultats encore plus rapide et durable ?

Encadré par 2 coachs sportifs et 3 diététiciens, nous vous avons concocté un programme de près de 40 pages qui récompensera vos effort rapidement !


At Z-Neck™ our items are guaranteed 100% satisfied or refunded upon receipt of the item. Take advantage of our offers without asking yourself any questions




I had lost my motivation during confinement so I decided to invest in these shorts and I have no regrets. Quick results, healthier lifestyle, and most of all I got back in shape!


28 years old - Paris


These shorts work wonders. I received it just in time to prepare for my sister's wedding this summer. 3 weeks of use and I fit perfectly into my bridesmaid dress!


23 years old - Lausanne


My work and my children take up all my time, so these shorts have become a real asset! I stay toned by using it whenever I have a little time. Guaranteed results!


45 years old - Brussels


I saved a lot of money with these shorts! No need to pay gym memberships where I never went regularly. The ebooks offered by Z-Neck are really well done.


35 ans - Montreal


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Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews
Gabrielle Bary

Cela fait 5 jours que j’ai commencé à utiliser le short et je suis très satisfait.

Perenon Isabelle

Très bien


Un short très pratique je l'utilise tous les jours depuis une semaine.....

A question ? We have the answer

Yes indeed! For beginners, it is possible to rely on electrostimulation alone to see results, as the level of stimuli required to trigger a contraction is lower. Everything will also depend on the program chosen and the stimulation intensity chosen.

Like any workout, you need to continually progress to see continued results. Therefore, you will need to increase the intensity gradually and when you are ready for dynamic training sessions, your results will be even more satisfying!

Always keep in mind that food, sleep and state of health, as with any training, are also essential variables

The Z-Fit™ line of shorts are smart shorts powered by EMS or TENS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), a proven technology that sends electrical impulses to your muscles to train more effectively than exercise traditional only.

They are designed both to help beginners looking for a simple solution to start the sport effectively, or for athletes looking to intensify their training and improve their performance by obtaining better results in less time.

Absolutely! The shorts may come into contact with water. If you want to wash it after your session or because it is dirty, you can simply wash it cold, gently by hand. Just remember to remove the electric control, fixed magnetically, which allows you to control the intensity of the current.

The electrodes are directly integrated into the shorts and the materials used are flexible and waterproof. You have nothing to fear. There is no "short circuit" possible, especially since water is a conductor and for optimal use, it is recommended to slightly moisten the electrodes for better sensations and results.

Electrostimulation has been shown to significantly increase muscle strength and size, speed, and jumping abilities.

However, there are no solid studies showing that it is of an effective solution to lose weight. It's a technology that delivers external stimuli and triggers muscle responses, but doesn't elevate heart rate or burn a significant amount of calories while inactive.

This is why it is strongly recommended to follow a HIIT or cardio training in addition, which will allow you to burn a large amount of calories more consistently than in the traditional way. We invite you to order our sports program in the form of an Ebook. Accompanied by a balanced diet, the results will surprise you!

TENS technology is not intended to completely replace traditional exercise, but rather to enhance and complement it. It provides a different stimulation that your body is not used to.

Stimulating your muscles from the inside allows for deeper work, which is impossible to achieve through traditional training.

This is by far the solution for you. makes it possible to pass the stages more quickly, more efficiently and in complete safety.

It is recommended that you train at least twice a week, with a maximum of 5 sessions per week.

The same guidelines apply to the use of TENS current, as with any training program. training: proper recovery time, balanced nutrition, and quality sleep.

Absolutely not. The rated working voltage is 5V, which is far below the international safety voltage standard of 36V.

The shorts use electric pulse technology and you will feel a gentle flow of electricity that won't hurt you, but varies in intensity depending on your needs.

The TENS current is a current commonly used in physiotherapy and physiotherapy practices as well as by high-level athletes. It's a natural method.

Yes, absolutely! We deliver to Réunion, Guadeloupe and Martinique. As well as everywhere in Europe.

However, delivery costs will vary depending on the destination.