Smart massager and muscle electrostimulation patch

    Regain your physical and psychological well-being with our intelligent massage helmet for your cervical spine. Throughout your day, often lived at a frantic pace, stress and tension accumulate. It is the electrostimulations that will intercept the sensations of pain that you may feel. Thus, the relief is instantaneous in 15 minutes. By using our smart massager daily, you eliminate pain in your neck, cervical spine and shoulders. In addition, by activating the blood flow, it relieves your chronic migraines. Finally, by relieving all your painful sensations, you also eliminate physical and mental stress and find a restful sleep.

    Thanks to its light weight of 168g, you can take your smart massage helmet with you wherever you go. In public transport, at the office or comfortably installed at home, you relieve your muscular tensions and reduce pain related to stress. So you can free yourself from your pain at any time of the day. In addition to the smart massager, you can adopt our other electrostimulation devices such as our knee pads and our patches. These are also perfect allies to evacuate your stress and find calm and serenity. In addition, the electrostimulation patches will accompany you to strengthen and relax your muscles. They will also help you reshape your figure. Indeed, you will be able to work your abs, your thighs and your buttocks under the effects of electrostimulation. Finally, they will be an indispensable asset in your journey towards weight loss and regaining your well-being.