Is it possible to build buttocks quickly?

Est-il possible de se muscler les fesses rapidement ? - Z-Neck™

Having a perfect figure or reshaping your posterior, many exercises will allow you to achieve your goal. For some people, this bet may take time to make. However, with the following tips, you will be able to get results quickly and build your butt muscles quickly.

Follow the advice of the coaches

To build your buttocks quickly and effectively, it is essential to follow the advice of professionals. The following exercises are recommended by sports coaches in order to have a rounded posterior at home.


This is the exercise not to be missed if you want to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks or lift them. However, you must take care to achieve the correct postures, control the breath and do it regularly to see results.

The slits

One foot in front, another behind and go down as low as possible while keeping a good right angle in relation to the knee. Doing your lunges correctly is essential to tone the gluteal muscles!

Other exercises to perform

To shape the posterior and reduce or avoid the presence of saddlebags, other exercises are recommended by professional athletes. Examples include donkey kick, hiptrust as well as Bulgarian slots.

Using Smart Short shaping shorts

If you don't have a lot of time for exercises, but you want results quickly, opt for the use of a dedicated device. The sheathing electrostimulation shorts from the Z-Fit range offered by Z-Neck are a device suitable for building your buttocks quickly.

This intelligent electrostimulation device will stimulate the body and more particularly the posterior muscles. It works with soft Pad+ technology and will focus its actions on your buttocks and hamstrings.

Thanks to the electrostimulation system, you can obtain the results of several hour gym sessions in 20 minutes. You can do exercises at home or even in the office by wearing it under your clothes. Schedule less than half an hour a day to take care of yourself and aim for a shapely buttocks.

You can also use these smart shorts during your regular workouts and promote results. In three weeks, the smart shorts you will see changes in your silhouette.

The Smart shorts offer 3 training programs, designed to be easy to follow for all levels of athletes. It also has 18 intensity levels on its 6 powerful electrodes. The sheathing property of this garment will finally help you regain your shape to prepare for your summer vacation or look sublime in the dress of your dreams.

I want sheathing electrostimulation shorts!

What not to do to strengthen the buttocks

Be aware that certain gestures and habits can negate your efforts to have a well-toned posterior.

  • Limit yourself to one or two exercises only: this will cause imbalances throughout the body because the other muscle groups are never used;
  • Doing too long sessions: fatigue can cause pain, but also the inability to be effective at work afterwards;
  • Extend the breaks between exercises: the recommended interval is to take a 2-minute break for a session of 1 to 1.5 minutes;
  • Do not load for fear of gaining muscle: the production of testosterone to develop muscles depends largely on the sex of the person as well as their daily diet

Using the Smart Short in addition to performing the recommended exercises will allow you to build muscular buttocks quickly.

I muscle my buttocks quickly


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