How can electrotherapy help you soothe your pain?

Comment l'électrothérapie peut-il vous aider à apaiser vos douleurs ? - Z-Neck™

It is not uncommon to have persistent pain in our daily lives. Whether it is chronic or because of too much physical activity, it is possible to find simple and effective tips to relieve them in the long term. Have you thought about using electrotherapy? We help you better understand the interest of this technique in this new blog post!

What is electrotherapy?

Electrotherapy is a simple and effective method that consists of using light electrical currents to safely relieve physical pain. As it is a medical treatment, many physiotherapists and manual therapy practitioners use it in addition to accompanied care. The body naturally produces electricity in order to power the muscles. This corresponds to the “orders” that our brain sends directly through the nerves. Sometimes, in the context of illnesses or intensive physical training, the brain senses discomfort in the muscles of our body and produces a response that results in pain.

With electrotherapy, a small machine is used to produce a mild electrical current to transform this painful response into a result of soothing the muscles. This allows us to “bypass” the closed circuit of our body to make it less aggressive in the face of pain. For information, the frequencies range from 0 to 100,000 Hz, up to higher rates when it comes to high frequency treatments.

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When to use it?

electrotherapy treatment has several objectives, and we can mention two main ones: to help thin the circulation of the blood or to stimulate the contraction of the muscles. It all depends on your goal and what you are looking for when using an electrostimulation device.

As part of improving blood circulation, you can use it when you feel like you have ants in your limbs, have trouble regulating your body temperature, or just during seasonal changes. This will send clear information to your blood network and thus soothe the discomforts you feel in your daily life thanks to a pleasant analgesic effect.

If you do sports intensively or you experience chronic pain that affects your muscles, it may be worth trying out electrostimulation. Indeed, when you stimulate a very specific muscle, you send a message to your brain to supply it with more “energy”. Thus, the pain dissipates faster and allows your muscle fibers to better regenerate.

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How to use it?

When you have no major chronic problems and your GP has approved the personal use of this equipment, then nothing prevents you from using it directly at home by offering you a device adapted. Different options are available to you in order to use electrotherapy. In our shop we offer many devices designed specifically for your main purpose.

If you want to soothe pain, then you will have to choose the device that specifically affects this area. For example, a knee brace would be the most suitable device to help fight knee tendonitis.You can also choose a multipurpose electrostimulation device to both tone your muscles during a session, but also to soothe your pain after a workout

These electrotherapy devices are recognized by all medical professionals as being effective in toning or soothing sore muscles. The most important thing is to follow the recommendations indicated for each device. All you have to do is let us help you create a daily life where you will be happy in body and mind!


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